Monday, March 05, 2007

Totally Bummed to the Max

Now that my birthday party is over and all of our guests have left and J has left for work, I feel especially lonely. But that's only because the weekend so so wonderfully full of friends, family and surprises!
My actual birthday was on Sunday the 4th, but of course Saturday is party night. Eventhough I knew what the theme was for the party (1980's a la "Miami Vice"), I was still really surprised when I walked in and saw all the balloons, posters (there was a multi-colored sign in the bathroom that read: "For a good time, call: 867-5309") and people all dressed up! You know people really love you when they dress up like fools for you.
Overall I think about 50 people showed up - girls with big hair, guys with tight-rolled jeans and kids spraying each other with silly string (evidence of which will probably be found in odd places around the house 10 years from now). People were dancing (ok, maybe just me) to the 80's tunes and happy birthday was wished to me in high-pitched, helium-induced voices - everyone agreed it was a really fun time. I know my friends helped out a lot, but I really have to give a lot of credit to J for putting this whole thing together and then, while I was visiting with my sister the next day, he cleaned up! Who could ask for a better guy?!? Not to mention he made for one hot "Don Johnson"!