Thursday, May 20, 2010

Totally random things that have been going on in my life as told via copy and pasted FB posts...

...thinks I'm gonna actually do a half marathon (WALK - no running for these poor hips!) in Wisconsin in September to raise SJS awareness and to meet some other SJS survivors! How exciting/scary is that!?

Its probably ignorant bliss, but I probably won't really train beyond my regular walks. Although I should probably at least start tracking distances so I have an idea of what 13.1 miles really means!
I still have my European "we walk everywhere" spirit and I've walked the crap out of some places (Paris, Hamburg, L├╝beck, not to mention my own old stomping grounds of Stuttgart, Bad Canntatt & Asperg, etc. & more recently Atlanta & Savannah)

I've never done any kind of run/walk before. Does that matter? I'm looking at the info page for the 1/2 marathon and it doesn't make a lot of sense to me bc I don't know the lingo.


...has happy news, too: Coen has become a total snuggler, always hugging and kissing me now. For a long time I was "chopped liver" versus Jon who always got a standing ovation for entering the room, but now that Coen's learning that we aren't one combined person (me & Coen), he's seeing how awesome I am and he's showing his appreciation for my amazingness! ;)


...knows some RMWC alumnae won't like me for saying this, but I feel I must: While I understand & appreciate the main reason for boycotting the Reunion, I'm afraid you're not realizing that you're ultimately sabotaging US (& yourself) by forcing people to make a choice (therby a creating a rift) between places & people. I really, sincerely hope you'll reconsider & at least come to the Dell party on Saturday if you can.

It's not that I want to see the old place - I've actually been back already since the change and it was while classes were in session, so I saw the boys "in action" as it were. I want to see y'all's faces.
But, as you said, it your choice (of course) - but I couldn't not say something. It weighs so heavily on my heart.

Actually, there is an organized effort (more than one?) and I've read other people's status updates that use the word boycott, so I don't think I'm putting words into people's mouths.

I completely agree with you, Melissa Belitto. I didn't mean to sound so totally critical of the 'boycotters' - I really do know how they feel because I also am still very wounded by the choice to essentially close the school as we know it and more so by the way in which it was done. I felt they did nothing short of emotional blackmail with all of the threatening mailers they sent. Which, I mentioned directly to the board when I was at the alumna business meeting in Sep '08. (And was thanked for saying by some of the board members - which tells me that the whole proces,s and even those immediately involved in it, was torn and complex)

...will clarify: my comment was only directed towards those who've specifically said they're boycotting it &/or participating in what seem to be multiple "unofficial reunions" taking place that same weekend in Lburg, vs those who can't attend for other reasons. I respect & understand your reasoning but the result is inherently flawed bc it splits us up, missing the whole point of a reunion, which is my ONLY point.


...has wanted to adopt ever since I was a little girl. Now we're blessed with a child of our own & I still wish to do so. I'm starting to research adoption and everything that comes along with it, so I'd love to hear any stories you may have as being either an adopter or an adoptee (are those even the correct terms??). My ears are open!

Thanks everybody for all your support and contacts! Just so no one is getting too excited, we're probably still at least a year away from beginning the actual process. Right now we're just getting the lay of the land :) but all of this is super helpful!

Dear Heidi,
Congratulations on becoming a Mommy! It really is a blessing :)
Please take your time in gathering the info... we're still a ways out from making any major decisions, partly because we do have one child (a 15 month old) and we're just in a phase of looking at our options of how to add to our family.
I have always wanted to adopt, ever since I was a little girl, and that didn't go away, even after we had Coen. I have some minor health issues (bad joints, fibromyalgia, fatigue issues) that made Coen's birth a miracle and how the idea of being pregnant while chasing a toddler is very overwhelming, so that would be another benefit to adopting.
I do feel called to adopt a slightly older child (over a year old but probably not older than 2) and because we want to keep the birth order, we'll have to wait until Coen is a bit older.
Anyway, I really appreciate your offer to help and guide us but don't let me barge in as you settle in with your baby - so take your time!
Thank you,

Thank you for being so concerned - it's definitely not all roses and cakes out there! We do want to keep the birth order with Coen as the oldest and I've already thought about how old he might have to be in order for us to adopt an non-infant and have Coen be able to grasp and appreciate what is going on because this decision affects ALL of us (even other family members like aunts and grandparents). It would be selfish of me to think that Coen will just "get over it." I have watched many episode of the "Adoption Stories" series and other documentaries and the one that stood out to me most was one about a family that already had a son who was probably in his early teens (or just before) when they adopted a only slightly younger boy from Russia. The adopted boy had severe problems that were really putting a HUGE strain on each family member, not least of which was the bio son who said, "he gets all of my mother's attention because he has all these problems. It's like I don't exist!" And I could tell this wasn't just rivalry but real pain. I would never want to do that to Coen (or myself!).
I think we'll probably get a child who is older than 9 months but younger than 2 because I feel the babies can go to Moms who can't have their own. I can take a slightly older child who, as they age, will have less and less opportunity to be adopted. I kind of want to be that person that catches them before they completely fall through the cracks in the system. That's what I feel called to do.