Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I've been promoted!

And my new title is... "Mommy"
No, the baby's not here yet (that would be bad cuz he'd be 3 months early), but I have been really getting into this whole Mommy thing lately. I have been going to the expecting/nursing mothers bible study group, researching toys that aren't made in China, joining the local Intown Mommies group, researching "Babywearing" and slings, and buying crazy art for the baby's room, like the "hunting trophy" in the picture:
His name is Mitchum and according to the back of the plaque, "he's called that because he enjoyed kissing his chocolate truffles before devouring them in one bite. He especially enjoyed anything with mint in it."

Friday, November 07, 2008

Happy 3rd Trimester Day!

Can you freaking believe it?As of today I am 24 weeks along, which means I am entering my 3rd trimester/6th month of this pregnancy. It is kind of weird for me because I guess on some level I didn't believe it was really going to happen; that I was really pregnant and really going to be able to carry a baby to term. But now, in addition to feeling like my body has been taken over by some alien force that wants me to waddle like a penguin and not be able to tie my shoes, I am also amazed daily whenever the little guy bumps around in there. 

In the meantime the USA finally got it's head screwed on right and elected Barack Obama to be president! In response, I received this email from my friend in Germany:
Greetings to you from Germany upon your succeful election. We are very happy that Obama made it! He truly is a charismatic and exceptional person. The results of this election mean a lot for America. It's like a rebirth, a renewal. What a wonderful signal, not just for America, Obama has shown us that you really can make a difference, even when it doesn't seem like it at first. I didn't believe it that he would overshoot Hillary.

I hope for him that he can improve things and make his promises come true. Unfortunately he won't have it easy. Right now America has a lot of problems (finance crisis, Iraq...I believe you know all about that). But he is most definitely the best man and other countries have these problems, too. I really hope that things will change for the better in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I hope all is well for you guys, especially your baby, who will be born in a new America!