Friday, July 31, 2009

Hello from Mommyland!

One of the very first pictures of us as Mother and Son
Matching seersucker shorts! Daddy Jon and baby Coen on the 4th of July.
5 months old!

Okay, so I officially sick at updating this blog and I am going to simply end my related feelings of guilt by accepting that I am no longer an active blogger and apologize to everyone who is even still "keeping up" with me this way: Sorry!

My life is busy with 5-month-old Coen, who was brought to this world Feb, 24th via a super-quick 1 & 1/2 hour delivery. While the speed of the event was surreal, it really allowed me to stick with my plan of going medication-free. My Mom was with us for the whole thing and was a real life-saver during my initiation to Motherhood.

Coen's name was chosen because of all of the meanings I found for it:
In Hebrew is means "God's Priest/Leader"
In old Dutch Koen means "Bold" and "Daring"
And in old German Koen means "Honest Counselor"

I feel especially blessed because Coen has been a healthy, happy and generally easy-going baby from the start. He's good at entertaining himself but also loves to interact with people. He's also quite the traveler: after our trip to the Cape next week, he will have flown on 11 flights, including a trip to Germany.

Sadly, the reason for many of these trips is because my dear (step)Dad, Holger, died only 11 days after Coen was born from a sudden heart attack. It has made this time very bitter-sweet for our family. It has been no simple task to deal with grief while also celebrating new life. Holger was so excited about Coen's arrival - it breaks my heart that they were not able to meet. I guess at least I was able to confirm that Holger did see some of the first photos that I had emailed only the day before his death.

Coen is 5 months and one week old today and coming along wonderfully in his development. He's rolling all over the place and is very eager to get crawling. He's so active and curious, I can tell this will be a true adventure once he's really mobile! We're working on sitting up even though he's more interested in standing. He's also very busy drooling and chewing in the on-going effort to cut teeth.

Coen's cousin, Ella, is 3+ weeks older and it's amazing to get a sneak-peek of what Coen might accomplish in just the next month! Coen has also developed friendships with Iso's 1-month-younger daughter, Helen, and R's 4-day-younger daughter, Izzy. I call them his German and American girlfriends :)

Well, that's about all - my life otherwise is full of laundry, friends, zumba, and my continued learning of sewing and embroidery. I'm looking forward to our October trip to Cancun! I'll try to post pictures... maybe by next year? ;)
At Oma and Opa's house in Germany for Coen's dedication service and later, the scattering of Holger's ashes in the Baltic Sea.
Coen at 5 months - the flash is bright!
See you later! Love you!!

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