Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Response to "Anyone try Rescue Remedy?"

I love it to take the edge off if I'm stressed or anxious. It's more helpful if you also take a moment to first gently check in with yourself to discover and acknowledge what is causing your distress.  I often realize that there's some emotion, personal truth or difficulty I've been trying to avoid. A therapist once told me: the source of dis-ease comes from rejecting reality. In other words, when we stay stuck in wishing things were different or that we were different, we are actually not only trying to block out the unwanted things (which is futile) and actually create a real block that keeps us from what we *do* want.
By taking an honest (not harshly but with love towards self) look at where and who we actually currently are, and accepting that, we are then free to move on. (Note: there's a big difference between saying, "It's Okay" and "I'm okay with it." The situation you face may not be okay. Life sucks sometimes. But you can choose to find a way to be okay anyway.)

I also love to do some intentional grounding and/or centering. If I'm totally overwhelmed, I'll even start by listing the factual things around me: My feet are cold, the walls are blue, the chair is hard, etc.
Which, if I may get on my soapbox, is a most excellent way to find peace even if it's not peaceful around you.
Take care!

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