Monday, November 13, 2006

I fell off the top of Las Vegas and lived to tell you about it!

J and I just got back from Vegas last night and boy, lemme tell ya - it is an exhausting place! J and I are still recovering and we didn't even do it up that much! We arrived Wednesday 11/8 to our luxurious digs at the Venetian thanks to a company J works with. If you look at the picture and see where the name runs vertically up the side, above that, there's the half-circle window - that was our room! Wowie-zowie!
That first night we ate at Batista's Hole in the Wall, an italian place that's been there for-EV-er. J, his dad, some work-related dudes and I were serenaded by the in-house accordion player (well, mostly me). Afterwards J and I went and played on the slot machines for a little while and then crashed - it was 3am EST after all!

The next day I tagged along with J to his convention for a while and then lounged around the room, took advantage of the afternoon tea in our suite's lobby and got ready for dinner. This time another one of J's work-related people took us out to Red Square at Mandalay Bay. J enjoyed the best vodka martini ever and I stuffed myself with stroganoff that was out of this world. From there we met up with another work dude at Tao. We had fun there - one of the work dudes, who was a bit older, decided he was going to show us whipper-snappers how to dance... if you were some old dude freakin' up on a girl while having a seizure. (well, not really, but he did scare me when he joked, "take me to the hospital.")
After that we put all the old fogies to bed and played some blackjack at the Palm's hotel. Oh, and I can add another celebrity sighting to my list: Dizzle from "Inked." He was actually walking out of the Hart & Huntington tattoo shop, looking a bit drunk. I was drunk, too, and I REALLY had to pee, so I just gave a little what's up nod and kept on moving.

We broke even at the blackjack table and went back to our hotel to sleep!

On Saturday night I finally got to go to the top of the Stratosphere...and go on the rides that are ON TOP of it. I went on the Big Shot, that shoots you straight up and then you free fall down and then on the XSCREAM, which literally tips you off the side and drops down (randomly, just to make you wet your pants a little more). You can see the pix here. We ended the night by watching the ever-cocky yet equally amazing David Copperfield.

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