Sunday, January 20, 2008

We're married!

Wow - I don't mean to brag, but I would say that was one awesome wedding Saturday night - and I just feel happy and blessed that it happened to be ours! It's funny, you work on something for over a year and yet it still didn't feel real or like it was going to actually happen or ever move beyond the planning stage. And then, all of the sudden, there it is, all of these things you've been dreaming and scheming about for so long are taking place right in front of you. It was amazing and surreal and wonderful.

You can see some of the photos at these links: SMILEBOOTH.COM and FLICKR - I am trying my very best to be patient while the photographers go through and edit the pictures they shot themselves (which will take a couple weeks because they take so many and they really like to cherry pick the best ones to show). In the mean-time you can see some of their work at OUR LABOR OF LOVE and at their BLOG. The only real bummer is that Dean, our unofficial 'paparazzi' at the rehearsal party, had their camera and ALL of their photos stolen out of their car he next day :( Not only does it suck not to have those pictures for us, but I feel so bad for them because the memory cards were full of their family vacation photos!

Here's what I can tell you without pictures: The ceremony was amazing. I hope I didn't walk too fast - I was afraid my knees were going to give out as I walked down the aisle, And Jon told me that when he looked up the aisle and his eyes focused on me, he just about lost it right there and then. Instead, we both kind of flirted, cried and looked terrified throughout the service.

Then we were introduced to our guests at the reception with the Marching Abominable Band! They played "When the Saints Go Marching In" and a couple other toe-tapping tunes while Jon and I danced around. That was our first dance! After folks got a chance to catch their breath from seeing a grown & bearded man wearing a wedding dress and shaking pom pons and got a bite to eat, we were entertained by an amazing belly dancer who really wowed the old men and the little girls (weird mix, I know, but it's true!).

The rest of party went by in a flash with dancing, cake eating and smiling for a million photos - it was great and we were so happy to see everyone there. I'm just sad I couldn't chat longer with more people, but then that's the thing with being a bride and groom - you're in high demand!

We're going to leave Tuesday or early Wednesday for wherever it's warmest in Florida! I'll post a postcard ~ K.S.W.

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