Saturday, August 26, 2006

"Begin Again in Love"

I used to have a blog all about my life up thru my failed marriage and subsequent divorce. And then for a while there I didn't write much and then not at all anymore.

I also tried to start another blog, but that never took off either. I think that was because I didn't have a point to it. No motive or direction. I think for a successful* blog one needs a point; a springboard because then you can digress all you want, but ultimately you still have you main 'something' to fall back on.

[* ah, but success by whose terms? and as far as blogs go, success compared to what? for me I choose being happy with my content, perhaps making myself, and maybe even a couple other people, chuckle or nod in knowing]

So my purpose here is to give a little peek in on my world, this new one I have been able to scramble together since my divorce. These days that means continuing my yoga therapy, group therapy and the occasional couples counseling. (well, that certainly makes me sounds pretty wacko, but I'm not really - the yoga is for old, deep-rooted issues; the group is for current issues and the couples stuff is mainly to help J and I to communicate better. ok, so maybe a smidge wacko...I'll explain as we go along here.)

Also in my life: working part-time at a upper-scale furniture retail store at the mall, spending the other part of my time cleaning and doing minor improvements to our 1940's home, loving on our 2 cats and dog and now, planning my second (J's first) wedding(!!). For fun I like to stitch, create and make random things and watch Law & Order as though it were going off the air forever.

Oh, and I use parenthesis. A lot. You may wonder why you should read my blog. Fair enough. I wonder that too.


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PinkGator said...

Hurray for the new blog! Can't wait to start reading again :)