Sunday, August 27, 2006

My Alma Mater...Almost Over?

I'm an alum of Randolph-Macon Woman's College in Lynchburg, VA. I graduated in 2000 with a B.A. in Communication and many, many wonderful memories of the four years I spent there.

Now the school is facing a sad fate. On September 9th the board of trustees is set to vote as to whether or not R-MWC, which has been a woman's college for the entire 113 years of it's existence, will become a Co-Ed college under a different name. The reasoning behind this, so we're told, is becase of a (seemingly sudden) financial crisis that threatens to force the college to close down altogether.

Last night I received an email from which contained a survey from the President of the Alumnae Association (and someone I consider to be a friend and true champion of the college) made by a group of concerned (angry?) alumnae. The questions in the survey were to the effect of the following examples (paraphrased):

How do you feel about the possibility of R-MWC going COED?
*Very UNhappy
*Somewhat UNhappy
*Doesn't matter to me
*Somewhat happy
*Very happy

Would you prefer that R-MWC go COED or close it's doors?
*Yes, make it COED to keep it open
*No, close it down

Would you change the contributions you make to the college if it were to go COED?
*No, I would continue to give to the school
*I would not give as much
*Yes, I would stop my contributions 100%

Why would you decrease or stop contributing to R-MWC?
*I would stop until I saw that the transition to a COED school was successful
*I would stop because I won't support R-MWC as a COED school
*I would stop because it won't be the same school
It was at this point that I froze. I turned to J, eyes stinging swelling with salty tears, and tried to explain what I was feeling. I simply did not know how to answer that last question. Gently he told me,
"If they go COED and change the name, the school you went to will be gone. Either way you look at it, your school as you know it will close."
With that sobering thought I clicked "because it won't be the same school" and cried.

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pseudoboober said...

seems like a nice passive-aggressive way to get more alumni dollars.

"we'll rename, change the status of your school unless you give us money NOW!!"