Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back from the edge...

...of Cape Cod! I just returned from a week-long trip to Chatham, MA to visit my Mom & Family. The trip up was actually pleasant. I used the wheelchair service to get to my gate, which I guess it was a bit overkill since I can walk, but it was very much appreciated at that early hour and I tipped the lady nicely. On the flight up there were mostly clear skies and I wound up getting an amazing view of Philly and Manhattan. (On the way back all I saw was the Lowe's and Home Depot up 400 at exit 14 - woo hoo!)

The weather was mostly warm with a chilly breeze, which allowed me to take a wonderful nap on the back covered porch one day. I also went to Forest Beach ( where I finally had my engagement ring sized properly and they made a medical ID bracelet for me from scratch. I needed that because I had so much information on it, but it still had to fit my little wrist. It came out beautifully and it fits so well I can hardly feel it, which is good because it has to be something I'll enjoy wearing every day for the rest of my life!

On Saturday I was lucky to finally be able to see my nephew play at one of his Ice Hockey scrimmages. He was recently promoted to the "A" team in his age group and this new team will be a great learning lesson and challenge. I am very proud of his commitment and apparent good sportsmanship!

My "little" brother, Johannes, is over six feet tall now and he's only 16! He started his Junior year of high school on Thursday (i know - weird, huh?) and already he was asked to "write a poem about himself" - poor guy! I even thought of how to outsmart the teacher - by writing a Haiku - but the teach was one step ahead of me and had already said they weren't allowed :(

And just to make Jon jealous, I had both a Lobster Roll (a lobster salad po' boy) and Lobster Bisque while I was there. Yummy!

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